MIM ScaryGirl BookCoverMurder in Middleton

Shannon O’Reilly is a teenager with a problem – she can see her ancestors’ ghosts, and they want her to solve their 100-year old murder mystery. Annabelle and Lily Edmonson have been waiting a long time for someone to see them so that they can tell their story of betrayal, and finally reveal their true killer.

When Shannon begins researching the murders at the local library, someone takes notice. She begins receiving threatening notes and photographs taken of her without her knowledge. An explosion at her home takes away what she holds most dear – her parents.

A secret society steps in and offers to help Shannon fine tune her psychic abilities and to assist in protecting her from those bent on eliminating her. Someone is willing to pay any price to keep the truth, as well as her ancestors, dead and buried.

I Dream of Zombies Cover SmallI Dream of Zombies

Rose Lee is a quick-witted zombie social worker in the small rural town of Hornellsville, NY, working at the Department of Human and Zombie Services. The zombie apocalypse occurred two years ago, and there is a demand for people willing to work with this strange and sometimes foul-smelling population of the un-dead.When Rose meets Leah Smart, a soon-to-be zombie who is working at the Crispy Biscuit, her life gets very complicated. She ends up forming uneasy alliances with a zombie hunter and an undercover zombie. Her car is stolen, her house is under siege, and one of her clients is kidnapped. If that isn’t enough, she becomes the object of desire for two alpha males, though she doesn’t have the time or inclination to date either one.

When she isn’t busy saving clients during the day, she is haunted by dreams of her Uncle Walter as she sleeps at night. He stalks her in her dreams, often falling apart right before her eyes, just as he had done in real life.

It is a race to the finish to find out who wants to keep the zombie population growing, and how far they are willing to go to in order to keep their plans of world domination a secret.

A Cat Taught Me That CoverA Cat Taught Me That

Catnap often. You can never be too fluffy or have too many treats. Despite the rumor, it is okay to be curious! A Cat Taught Me That is filled with humorous advice and the wisdom of elder cats that includes information on how to get more out of life, and how to avoid common pitfalls along the way. Cat lovers will enjoy the adorable photographs and cute illustrations throughout.

Celebrity cat ‘Awesome Louie’ provides insight with his “Mewsings” column. Short essays from the cat-lady author will bring smiles to the faces of readers who will learn that “Not All That Glitters is Gold” and “To Be Kissed By a Cat” can have unintended consequences.