Disability Resources

 I have listed below all of the information I’ve been able to obtain regarding various government organizations and military organizations that are able to assist the disabled and their families.  More resources can be found by searching the Internet.

Please do not send me requests for assistance as I am no longer working in this field and I have NO contacts.  

Disability Resource List  

If a link is broken, please use Google or other search engine to identify the new URL

DAVVeteran Resources:

National Resource Directory for Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and Military Families  https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/nrd

Military Organizations:

Employment Information

Social Security Administration

Department of Social Services (United States)

The contact information for these services can be found by using your favorite search engine and using the search term “Department of Social Services” followed by the name of the county that you live in.  They can help you with emergency financial assistance, food stamps, welfare and more.  They are usually able to help the disabled over the phone or internet if they are unable to come to a local office, or visit your home in person to assist you in the application process.  Call your local office for more information.