Ch21Con 2018 Blog Tour

  Hello, readers! Today we’re participating in the Ch1Con & Ch21Con 2018 Blog Tour, an annual tour in preparation for this year’s conferences, which brings original content from the Chapter One Events team to a number of fantastic, writing-related blogs. You’re on one of those right now! Chapter One Events is a nonprofit organization thatContinue reading “Ch21Con 2018 Blog Tour”

I’ll Have The Rejected Manuscript, Bartender

Originally posted on 101 Books:
I’m shopping a book idea around at the moment, so I’ll take a strong rejected manuscript, please, on the rocks. ? I’ve featured Tom Gauld on the blog before. His cartoons are awesome. Check them out. 

I name this book… tips for choosing a good title

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
For every manuscript I see with a head-turning title, there’s another with a title that’s limp, unassertive and would never tempt a reader to look closer. Or a title that’s too tricky to remember. I had a great discussion about this recently with Peter Snell (you know, from Barton’s…