NBZ Jeans – Fashion Forward Jean Designs for the Disabled Community

Dear readers, please read and share with your disabled community members!  This is a wonderful business that has a unique style of jeans for the disabled – no zippers or fasteners to fumble with.  A stylish answer for a young generation that wants to wear current trends!

nbz jeans

Downs Designs Dreams using its NBZ line continues to strive towards accomplishing its mission of advocating disability awareness, promoting independence and instilling confidence by designing, developing and marketing a special clothing line for special people to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families. As the organization continues to execute the mission at hand, it wants to extended additional support to those who have embarked on the ultimate mission for our country. NBZ Jeans will give a 15 % discount on all clothing items for current and past service members.

Our jeans offer a stylish pair of jeans with soft stretchy spandex denim material, an elastic waist band, without the hassles of tags, zippers or buttons. This creates a comfortable, easy, and stylish solution for many disabled veterans who struggle to wear jeans due to the maintenance involved when wearing them, and or poor fit. These challenges may force a limited and unfair wardrobe onto our wounded warriors. NBZ Jeans wishes to add clothing options and confidence by eliminating these restrictions. Using the same features we have designed our black dress and khaki NBZ additions. With additional funding we hope to make a difference within the work place for our disabled veterans by assisting them with any dress code and employment needs. This discount can also be used by veterans to supply clothing to friends or family members with Down syndrome (using our Downs Designs line), Autism, Parkinson’s, MS, arthritis, physical disabilities, elderly, etc.

This is just the start as NBZ Jeans attempts to show its thanks and support to our country’s current and former service members. We are currently in the works launching our Support a Veteran Adopt-a-Jean program that will be instilled to raise funds that will be used to donate our clothing to wounded warriors. If you know any vets who may be battling dressing difficulties please feel free to submit them in our Adopt-a-Jean Friday program where we donate a pair of jeans to someone in need every week. Please stay tuned for more information on this future endeavor. http://downsdesignsdreams.org/nbz-jeans.html



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