Oh. My. Dog! #13

In a small compass...

I secured my bicycle and we sauntered inside. It was a great pub, too early for the usual crowds. It seemed like a good place to meet my fellow students. Belatedly I greeted the guy behind the bar, ordering a Ghost Ale and water for Bud. The guy grinned, obviously used to admiring glances round the premises. “Why don’t you take a seat over there, I’ll be right over.” We headed to the indicated corner table.

True to his word, we were brought our beverages. The Ghost Ale proved to be a real find. I took another gulp and scanned the room. Five older men discusses sports results in the far corner. There was a half empty glass on a neighbouring table, below a small leather bag with silver studs.

Two couples entered, ordering their drinks while debating job issues. Next came a group of French visitors, they ordered and…

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