Purrsday Poetry: My Kittie Cat by Vickie Zisman


Hi everyone,

Please find below our latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series by Vickie Zisman, this was originally posted on her own Blog here. Don’t forget if you have a cat poem you’d like to publish on our Blog do send us an email to info@katzenworld.co.uk. 🙂

My Kittie Cat by Vickie Zisman

My kittie cat jumped on my lap and said:

Why don’t you scratch my chin

While you at that I will collect

My thoughts that are within

cat lady icon

My fingers running through her fur

Extracted blissful purr

Her eyes  closed shut and she reposed

Submitting  evermore

cat lady icon

Her velvet paws just slightly twitched

In tandem with her dreams

I thought, she must be chasing birds

Or mice, as  it would seem

Her furry slumber on my knees

Exuded gentle warmth

That spread across my soul complete

Inviting me to doze

cat lady icon

I joined my cat in realm of  dreams


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