Medieval Heroes and the Plus-Sized Women That Love Them – Guest Post by Rose Wynters


There’s just something really romantic about men from the past, isn’t there?

Be it a medieval soldier, pirate, gladiator, or swordsman, I’ve always been intrigued by them. Medieval men were tough. They had to be. Life was hard for them, back in the days when many had to fight just to survive.

They were also very chivalrous. They appreciated women. Period. Back in those days, there was a strict code when it came to love and romance, and society didn’t tolerate any mistakes. There were two classes of women back then. Those who were “available” for a good time, and those that weren’t (at least without a wedding band).

I’ve always had a true passion for history, and I find the past amazing. There have been so many changes throughout the centuries that it is absolutely mind-boggling. Not only have we developed technologies that people in the past would like have never dreamed of, but society as a whole as changed.

Nothing about the Endurers’ series is set in stone, though. So far, I’ve introduced some of the older heroes, the guys that were born hundreds of years ago. They’ve had to learn to adapt to these changes as the years have passed, and quite honestly, many of them miss the lives that they used to lead. But even despite the years that have passed them by, the Endurers have never lost their chivalrous ways… and they never will. Their individual code of honors is ingrained in them, and this makes them different from many of the men today.

But as the series unfolds, don’t be surprised if a modern-day male emerges as a hero. There haven’t been a lot of additions to the Endurers over the past century due to one simple fact… it takes a certain type of man to be one.

The books in this series have mostly featured plus-sized females, although this is not set in stone, either. There’s really no reason for this, it’s just the way it turns out. Historically speaking, the men found real and true beauty in a Rubenesque form. You can see this in many of the paintings that originated during those times.

And although society might have changed its ideals of what is beautiful or not, the Endurers haven’t. Many of these men are attracted to a full-figured woman, they aren’t the least bit concerned about what the modern day ideal might be. In their days, being slender equaled starvation, and quite simply, they can’t understand why now people would starve themselves to remain that slim. It baffles them.

But although the Endurers prefer plus-sized females, the women they meet have a hard time understanding this. They’ve had to deal with their weight all their lives in a world where being overweight is viewed as ugly and repulsive. The way that people have treated them has always seemed to start and end with how much they weigh, and really, they are tired of it. Some might even say they are resigned to living on the outskirts of society.

The way they have been treated by others has really hurt these heroines, although they don’t necessarily realize just how much. After years of insults and ill-treatment by shallow people, it’s left its mark on them. They certainly don’t think they’d ever have a real chance at being with a gorgeous man, much less having said gorgeous man to actually adore them. So, immediately a barrier is thrown up. Many men would walk away at this point, but not the Endurers. They love a good challenge.

Sexual attraction, once it happens, is usually too hard to ignore… even if someone is determined to avoid it. The Endurers are strong, smart, determined, and very seductive, and as time goes by, the heroines notice. It would be impossible not to. And they start to see the real differences between a medieval male and the modern day one, and their resistance starts to crack.

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction into the world of the Endurers.

Rose Wynters


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