#Je Suis Charlie

Parisian Mourners 1 7 2015

Paris in mourning after attack on journalists.

Yes it was satirical and sophomoric, but 12 people in Paris didn’t deserve to die for it, nor 11 others injured.  Overnight Muslim terrorists decided to target the magazine Charlie Hebdo, and execute journalists after calling out the names of their intended targets during an editorial meeting – all because of a comic depicting the leader of ISIS.

Journalists need to unite and call out those who seek to suppress the freedom of speech.  There is no room for political correctness anymore; soft-peddaling terrorist activities to avoid offending killers is not an option.  So put on your big girl and boy panties and do the right thing.  If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it most definitely is a duck, and should be labeled as such.

Je Suis Charlie



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