CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Why am I writing fiction?

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

We authors love to read, and we love, of course, to write fiction. We love stories. We love connecting with stories, because we love what they teach us about being human and how they explore what it means to be human.

So today, I wanted to offered a challenge by offering some questions you can consider (or not, of course) on your own time. During a spare moment. Maybe while sitting in traffic or something.

We authors know we have the bug to write, but how often do we really consider WHY we feel driven to craft stories about people who don’t exist? I don’t consider this very often, I know, and I’m a rather contemplative type. I like deep thinking.

So, here are just a few questions that might help you understand why you love writing, and how you can best write so as to develop as a person.

  1. Why do…

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