Beyond and Into the Sonar Galaxy by B. Truly – Guest Post

B. Truly authorMeet B. Truly, author of Sonar the Crashing.  In this guest post she shares what draws her to the science-fiction genre.

I’ve always wondered what lies beyond the Milky Way. Some of my favorite sci-fi shows and movies were Dune, Roswell, and Stargate. I like how Dune showed the human-like species planet that they lived on. Arrakis and Dune were similar to Earth, but had several differences. Giant worms roamed the surface of Dune. They produced spice which was the key to the universe. The spice created by the worms allowed them to fold time for space travel. It was a very intriguing storyline.

On Roswell I loved the mysterious alien beings. As they uncovered pieces to the puzzle of who the really were; I felt like I was a part of their group. It was later learned that some of their race survived because Tess traveled back to their home planet Antar, at the end of season 2. I did always wish I could have actually seen their planet, and know what happened to their race.

Stargate was always a thrill to watch. It was exciting because this series actually let you explore other planets and galaxies by traveling through the Stargate.

After these shows ended I had more questions about the universe. I decided to answer some of those questions by creating by own beings from another planet. Earth is a common element that is thrown into the mix in a lot of stories. They always talk about their home planet, but you have to make your own perception. I wanted to take a journey where the story involved Earth, but the reader actually got to experience the other world.

Sci-fi combined with romance and action is my favorite. The best part of writing sci-fi has been creating various powers for the characters. It was also amusing to develop alien sexuality and powers they possess. Humans are a curious race. There has to be some differences with our DNA and sensuality.

In the Sonar Series I created the Sonar galaxy which is 300 million light years away. The plot of the story revolves around amnesia, fate, and destiny. I wanted to explore what happens when a husband falls in love with another woman because he doesn’t remember his wife. Is it more than déjà vu? With the Romeland family it may be destined to be true.

From wormholes to portals, black holes and supernovas, there are no bounds that sci-fi hold. For me, sci-fi defines a mysterious adventure. It’s a genre that never gets old.

Sonar the Crashing

By: B Truly

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