Deadly Deadly by M.J. Vigna – Western Book Tour, Review, and Giveaway

Deadly Deadly cover

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 10/6/14 – 11/3/14

Genres: Western, Animal, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Tour Sale: This book will be $.99 on Kindle October 6 – 12!


My Review:

As someone who grew up on a farm and read the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Louis L’Amour, I really enjoyed this book that provided a realistic view of life on the frontier. I found the characters interesting and believable, including Deadly Deadly. My brother had a Holstein bull that he had trained to follow him around, so I do think a relationship between man and beast is possible, ala Grady and Deadly Deadly.

The beginning of the book isn’t warm and cuddly, and it details the difficulties of life before the comforts of hospitals, flushing toilets, and grocery stores. People really were stored like cord wood until they could be buried when the ground thawed in the spring, children didn’t always survive childhood, and many women died giving birth.

I thought the author did a beautiful job of painting a picture of each scene for the reader, taking you back in time to the wild west with cowboys, lawlessness and frightening, killer snowstorms in the mountains. The story ends with a few loose ends; a sequel may be in the future, which would be welcome by this reader.

Some reviewers have commented that the romance/sex scenes towards the end of the book detracted from the rest of the story. I suppose if you enjoy the typical western this could be a problem. I felt that with the matter-of-fact survival issues that existed in the beginning of the story, a little romance on the trail during a long cattle drive seemed just as plausible as anything else that had already happened.

I would recommend this book for individuals who enjoy gritty westerns, as well as those who enjoy romance stories. This new author has added a twist to an old genre, and I suspect she will find quite a few women followers as a result.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars.



Not since “Lonesome Dove” has a western story captured the hearts of both men and women. What starts out as a sweet tale swiftly turns into a gritty, nail biting page turner. M J Vigna picks you up and puts you right in this story of Grady, a man who’s only family is a huge bull named Deadly. “Deadly Deadly” is artfully told from the viewpoint of the main characters including Deadly. By the author adding such an unusual character into a storyline and with so much action you wind up with a very different and refreshing kind of book. As you journey with them on this epic cattle drive you will experience a roller coaster of emotions, there is humor, violence, romance and suspense.. It is a guarantee that by the time you finish reading “Deadly Deadly” you will be in love with this fictional bull and the other characters, such as the beautiful and strong C.C. who hires the duo to lead her rare and precious herd back to her ranch. it will be one of those stories you will always remember reading. Click on the link, read the reviews and see if this is the kind of book you would enjoy. This is a wonderful read for the baby boomer or animal lover, many reviewers have stated it is one of the best books they have ever read.


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About the Author:

“Deadly Deadly” is M J Vigna’s premier novel. She currently has a completed sci-fi, fantasy that will be released in 2015. Due to popular demand she is currently working on a sequel to “Deadly Deadly” which was initially intended as a stand alone novel. M. J. Vigna is now 85 and lives in a small town in Nevada. She has always been involved with horses and other animals and has a deep knowledge of animal behavior. It was easy for her to write a story that involved a bull as a main character due to her familiarity with “herd” behavior and her years of personal observation. M. J. is enjoying her opportunity to pursue her hobby of writing and art without interruption. She spent most of her life caring for others, being a mother of 6 and having a disabled mother to look after. She is an incredible artist and did the cover drawing of “Deadly Deadly” in addition to another drawing included in the book. She currently has a line of “horse humor” T-shirts on the market as well. She dallies in silversmithing, leatherwork, and beading. The photo on the cover was taken in the 1950’s when she was one of Los Angeles’ top runway models.


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