Guest Star: Basil in the Ponderosa Pine Adventure!


Hello everyone,

Today’s post is from Vesta and her Tabby Basil.


Ponderosa Pine Adventure

My daughter and I had just moved to Flagstaff, Arizona amid the mountains and Ponderosa Pine landscapes, and were looking forward to living in this new area. We had a small backyard that was outlined with a wooden fence that also contained two tall pine trees. The Ponderosa Pines can grow to 30 feet but do not always have a large girth tree trunk. I didn’t give it much thought when I introduced our dog to the backyard nor when I let Basil, our orange tabby, out to investigate the yard under supervision. Basil was not a fence jumper – he tended to crawl under the fence when the opportunity presented itself. For the most part, Basil was an indoor kitty.
It was one day when I had let Basil out in the yard for a few…

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