10 Statements – S. J. Henderson

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Hello, there!  My name is S. J.!  I live with my husband and four boys on a farm in The Middle of Nowhere, Michigan.  Our family belongs to all kinds of four-legged animals, including dogs, horses, and one silly cat.  My favorite time of year is pumpkin spice latte season, and I totally believe that movie theater popcorn is a major food group. My most favorite thing to do besides reading and writing is riding my horses. My dream job used to be “horse trainer”, but I’m a much better writer than horse trainer, so there you have it. trin heart
I’ve been writing stories nearly as long as I’ve known how to hold a pencil, and sharing them with anyone who would read them. When I was younger, there weren’t a ton of options for authors, other than publishing houses and physical books. I was a good writer, but was I 

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