All About Awesome Louie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a cat, and his name is Louie.  He also happens to have his own Twitter account (@Awesome_Louie) and will be promoting a cat book, as well as a cool cat-themed giveaway, this fall on Fire and Ice Book Tours.

It all started innocently enough.  Louie moved in with us last winter after he was unceremoniously dropped off at our farm during one of the coldest winters in NY since the blizzard of ’78.  After he moved in and recovered from losing half of his tail and his whiskers falling out, he basically took over.  Eventually, he demanded to be more vocal and insisted on participating with other cats and cat lovers on Twitter (he really enjoys the twitter noise that Tweet Deck makes).

Initially, I was wary of his desire to become more than just a house cat.  Writing books and keeping up with social networking can be taxing, even for humans.  He pestered me though, lying on my keyboard, crashing my laptop if I ignored him, and eventually I gave in.

I don’t mind if Louie wants to be active on the internet, but I do hope he doesn’t post degrading selfies:  a cat should have some respect for his or herself.  I won’t let him post any naughty grooming or litter box pics, and he knows I’m keeping track of him.

In the meantime, feel free to follow him on Twitter and enjoy his musings on life and his daily pics.  It will keep him amused, and hopefully keep him busy enough so that he doesn’t notice that Blue Jay stealing the food out of his bowl on the porch.

If he behaves himself, I may interview him for a future post on this blog!




3 thoughts on “All About Awesome Louie!

    • Hi there Karen! Thanks for following Louie. He is my biggest supporter (seriously, he weighs in at 16 pounds!) BTW, Zombie Asylum is still in the works – it just started going in a direction that I didn’t like. I’m doing a re-write of those off-the-rails chapters and still hope to have it done by the end of the year. You are still my go-to person for the beta read!


      • Hi there, Charlotte! Louie is a darling. I am glad that you hinted out his Twitter account… 🙂
        Regarding Zombie Asylum – no pressure from my side. I am looking forward to reading whenever your beta read version is ready.


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