Confessions of a Bookaholic And Why Non-Readers Will Never Understand

She Writes With Love

Time for a moment of truth–I’ve had an addiction to books for pretty much my entire life. It started as an addiction to reading books, and now has twisted into an obsession with writing them. Either way, the written word is in my blood. It’s my life. My nearly every waking thought revolves around books I’ve read or books I’ve written or want to write. It’s impossible to shake and honestly, who’d want to? It’s freaking awesome!

But when I come across people that just…aren’t bookish, they seem flabbergasted that I actually enjoy reading. The idea of consuming an entire book in eight uninterrupted hours just doesn’t compute with them. Maybe they need something more visual, I suppose. Though what can be more visual than utilizing the full extent of your imagination and losing yourself in a story? Nothing, I say! And this is why the non-bookworms stare at me in wonderment…

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