Author Natasha Ewendt takes on Lychees or Peaches: Her weirdness finally explained, she’s a writer!

Proud Foot Words

Okay Natasha! Hard questions first: Lychees or Peaches?

Peaches. Usually I’d go for the weird option, but I was spoiled by home-grown peaches growing up and they are pretty awesome. I also have fond crazy teenage memories of the Presidents of the USA song, so yep, peaches win.

If you were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?

Weirdness explained at last: she’s a writer.

What is your favourite line from a book or movie?

Toughie! So many great quotes to choose from. I’d have to go with Oscar Wilde’s “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Which genre do you usually write in? And why do you think this is so?

I’m what’s called a slipstream writer. I write in a few genres and I don’t limit myself. My first book is a dark fantasy/horror novel, and I…

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