Five Experiences Writing Fiction Gives You (That Other Things Can’t)

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

715277_antiquariat_2Today’s post is meant to celebrate the uniqueness of creative writing as a pastime and a calling. I don’t mean to imply that writing stories is better than doing other things; just that it has its own place and that it’s as worthy a calling as anything else.

Writing can do a lot of awesome things for us. Perhaps there are other hobbies or jobs that you could apply one or two these observations to, but probably not all of them. Some of these I might have mentioned before, but today, specifically, I wanted to gather them in one place under a special heading:


1. That awful feeling when you realize you hate one of your characters doing a certain thing, or acting a certain way, because it’s something you hate about yourself.

I could list so many negative characters of my characters and…

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