Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In!

Whimsically Yours

YAY!!! It’s Monday 😀 (How many times do you hear that, LOL?)


I’m excited because it’s my first Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In!

What’s Spring Writing Bootcamp? It’s an awesome accountability bootcamp for writers. To learn more visit our amazing hosts, the YABuccaneers!

Mkay, so what’s up…

Last Monday I shared with you the main writing project I’m going to be working on this Spring. And though I stated my only goal was have fun, finishing my WIP would be a bonus, I had a secret goal of my own.

  • To have the MS reach 10,000 words by the end of the week.

Did I succeed?


However, I did make it to 8,726 words. And though I didn’t finish the “end goal scene” that would’ve made it 10,000, I did start it. And I left off at the most perfect place. My fingers are tingling, I can’t wait…

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