I Dream of Zombies (Rose Lee’s Zombie Adventures series, #1) by Charlotte Gerber

A lovely, new review on my book, I Dream of Zombies. I’m starting my weekend off right!

My train of thoughts on...

I_Dream_of_ZombiesMy rating:  5  of  5  stars

Disclaimer:  Alana Munro provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review for Reach for the Stars Book Reviews.

(by Goodreads)

Being a zombie counselor was not Rose Lee’s dream job. However, there was a growing need for people who were willing to work with clients that smelled bad, were falling apart, and had a propensity for bad behavior. She decided to put her college degree to work, and try to help out her fellow man, or rather fellow zombies.

When Rose meets a soon-to-be zombie waitress at the Crispy Biscuit, things go from bad to worse. She tangles with zombie landlords, zombie hunters, undercover zombies and mercenaries, just to name a few.

Rose tackles all of her problems straight on, whether she is taking out a thug in the supermarket parking lot or saving a cop’s life…

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