I Dream of Zombies – Charlotte Gerber

Thank you for taking the time to do a review of my book, Books Are The New Black!

Books Are The New Black

When putting myself forward to review the first unheard of book, i was excited to provide a fresh response to a new and upcoming novel.

The book in question is ‘I Dream of Zombies (Rose Lees Zombie Adventures), a mystery thriller set in post-apocalyptic America in which the eponymous Rose Lee (not to be confused with the stripper) a zombie social worker, solves mysteries and battles for justice in the modern wasteland that is Helmsville.

I love the premise of the zombie social worker, something so overlooked and surreal yet totally believable and essential to the settling post-apocalypse world.
While for me, the character of Rose Lee feels like a bit of a Mary Sue at some points, she is such a good strong female character that the world needs a lot more of: uncompromising, not ruled by her emotions, and undeniably professional.

The dialogue and train of thought of…

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