Bonus Interview With Renni Browne, Co-Author of Self-Editing For Fiction Writers

Susan Finlay Writes

I’d like to introduce you to the amazing editor/teacher/author, Renni Browne. She is a well-known editor and the co-author of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.


Hi, Renni! Welcome to Susan Finlay Writes blog site. Your background as an editor with William Morrow and other publishers is quite impressive. How/why did you decide to found The Editorial Department? What services does your company provide?

When I left Morrow in 1978 I realized that with few exceptions, publishing editors were no longer doing the time-consuming in-depth work on their authors’ manuscripts. Quite a few of them dropped out of publishing and became free-lance editors. In 1980 I founded The Editorial Department, gathering experienced editors to provide the kind of attention authors once received from publishers, with the added goal of matching successfully edited manuscripts to literary agents. Editing is still our most popular service, we still offer agent matchmaking, and I’m one…

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