Writer’s Craft New Covers Reveal and Interview with Rayne Hall

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Writer’s Craft New Covers Reveal and Interview with Rayne Hall

What are the books about?

The Writer’s Craft  books are for writers who are serious about their writing, who have progressed beyond the basics and want to take their craft to the next level. Each book focuses on a specialist skill, such as how to write an exciting fight scene, or how to create villains the readers love to hate.

The books have been published for a while, and some have climbed the bestseller lists. Why are you changing the covers now?

The original covers were a compromise. I created them myself, using mostly stock images and my limited GIMP skills. They were adequate, but not exciting. Now the eighth book in the series is about to be launched, it’s time to get professional covers.

Writing Craft Book Covers Rayne Hall

Who designed the new covers?

Erica Syverson is an art student and freelance artist/designer. She has created many book covers for me, including the Six Scary Tales series and some of the Ten Tales series. I enjoy working with her and know I can count on her to deliver exactly what I want.

How did you choose the new design?

Above all, I wanted to emphasise that these books are a series, so the covers used the same design throughout, with just the title and the picture at the bottom left changing. The covers needed to be adaptable to fit future titles. Another important criterion was that the series had to be recognisable to existing fans. That’s why we kept the concept of two hands, one of them writing.

Erica made suggestions how to put my vision into practice. When I work with Erica – or any other cover designer – it’s an ongoing exchange of ideas and feedback, refining the work in progress step by step until it’s just what I want.

For these covers, I also involved members of my writers groups and  my Twitter followers, most of whom are writers and therefore represent the target audience for these books. At several stages of the progress, I asked them “Which of these two versions do you prefer?” or “How does this work? Anything you would change?” Opinions and tastes varied, of course, but certain patterns emerged, and we used this feedback to improve the covers.

I chose blue for the background, because that colour is part of the ‘Rayne Hall’ visual brand, and the Oregon font because that’s the font of many of my other books.  Erica painted original art, which gives it a unified, classy look, much better than the previous hodgepodge of stock photos and cartoons. The gradient background has more depth than the solid white.

These are professional covers for professional books.

Where are the books available?

The Writer’s Craft books are ebooks. Most are available from Amazon, and some also from Smashwords, Barnes&Noble , Apple etc., although they may still show the old covers.

What’s next?

Several more books for the series are already in the pipeline. At the moment, I’m working on Writing Short Stories to Promote Your Novel, a book based on an online class I taught last year.

What’s the best way to contact Erica Syverson to talk about book covers?

At the moment, Erica’s website is down, so you can’t contact her directly. If you leave a comment on this blog, she’ll see it and reply.

What do you think of those covers? What titles would you like to see next in the Writer’s Craft series? All suggestions are welcome.


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