“You’re a WRITER?”: The Stigma attached to Writing

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((Warning: Excessive use of Supernatural GIFS ahead.  Although is there really such a thing as an excessive amount of Sam and Dean Winchester?  Ah, philosophical questions…  Oh right, my post.))

When people ask me, in the course of every-day discussion (I work in a very social job, involving interaction with both customers and co-workers, so I make a lot of small-talk all day,) what I went to school for, I hesitate.  Just a split second.  Do I say English?  Or do I just go for it and say the truth–English writing?  Inevitably, the result is usually the same.

“Oh, so like, a teacher?”

Sigh.  “No, not really…”  Sometimes if I think that they won’t take me seriously or get really offended, I’ll follow that with something funny about how I hate kids.  Which isn’t actually true, but I had a hard enough time in school dealing with my…

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One thought on ““You’re a WRITER?”: The Stigma attached to Writing

  1. I love the gifs! I feel the same way when I tell someone I want to be a writer. I think that as long as you’re writing you are a writer. If a person runs, they are a runner, if someone gardens they are a gardener whether it’s a hobby or profession so why should writing be any different? I think you should say proudly that you went to school to be a writer. Let them slow-blink and roll their eyes because you know in your heart of hearts that you’re a writer.


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