Stick a Fork in Me – My Blog Tour is Done

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The I Dream of Zombies book tour is over.  There was a lot of good, a little bad, and luckily, very little ugly.  I met a lot of wonderful bloggers, gained about a zillion new followers, and had fun giving books and gift cards away (’tis the season for gift giving!).

I’m still catching up on my correspondence from the tour and networking duties, so be patient if you haven’t heard from me yet.  I’ll be responding as time and holiday festivities allow. 🙂

I wanted to give a shout out to the bloggers and reviewers who were on the final leg of my virtual book tour. They include the following:

One of the reviewers compared my writing to Charlaine Harris, which absolutely made my day!

I Dream of Zombies was an unexpected jewel of a book, the main character Rose amusing. The author wrote her in a matter of fact way that I really enjoyed. I’m a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and her books, and Charlotte Gerber has that same great writing style. This book was unique, with an entertaining storyline and fun characters that truly made this an enjoyable book to try out. – Cryptic Reads
Thank you to everyone who supported me on this tour, especially Fire and Ice Book Tours!
Find I Dream of Zombies here:
GoodReads – Read the first chapter of my book here!

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