Different Kinds of Plot Holes in Fiction

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

brick-wall-hole-1-1418992-mIs there anything an author fears more than the dreaded plot hole? Every time I write a first draft–every time– a part of me is terrified to take on my first read-through of the novel. What if I discover a horrible hole that I didn’t notice when I was writing? What if it’s a problem I can’t fix?

One way to address plot holes is to educate ourselves about them: what forms they take, and how they come about. Know your enemy, right?

Because of that, I thought it made sense to wrap up this current series of posts about plot issues by breaking down plot holes into categories.

Now, this kind of list isn’t a science. Not even close. So if you can think of something I overlooked, please let me know! If you disagree with something I’ve said, feel free to present your views. This blog is for…

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