Bestseller Books – I Dream of Zombies Book Tour Day 7

I’ve always thought that the number 7 was a lucky number, so today must be my lucky day!  My tour stop this morning is at Bestseller Books:

Bestseller Books: Mystery and Humor Book Spotlight: I Dream of Zombies 

Lickity-split synopsis:  I Dream of Zombies is a humorous story about a zombie counselor living and working in a rural, post-apocalyptic town.  The main character, Rose Lee, has some trust issues, but genuinely likes to help people.  Unfortunately, her life is a bit of a train wreck so she deals with her problems by using humor.  She meets some other characters (and I do mean characters) along the way that help to lift her out of the depression she has felt since her parents died.

Rose isn’t the typical simpering heroine, rather she is tough as nails on the outside and doesn’t need a man to rescue her, though she likes to toy with the idea.

Read the first chapter here on GoodReads.

Visitors to Bestseller Books today can enter to win a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble – winners choice!  You can enter to win at all of my blog tour stops.  The giveaway ends 12/12/13.


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