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Happy Thursday Readers, it’s almost the weekend!!!

College Writer Tag

One month ago, I was nominated for the College Writer Tag by Julia of Julia the Writer Girl (she’s pretty awesome, stop by her blog!…thank you, Julia!!!). Since this has been quite a busy Fall, I’m just now getting around to it. Here we go, folks!

The Questions

(all nominees must answer these)

1. What year are you? Junior! aka, the coolest, hardest year (-__- LOL)

2. What’s your major(s)/minor(s)? Political Science with a spattering of Creative Writing courses (basically a minor)

3. What type(s) of writing do you do? YA & MG Speculative Fiction but I’m waging a kind of bet with myself & characters on whether or not a Snow White retelling I’m working on will become NA (it’s currently YA Sci-Fi)

4. What are your plans for after college, both career-wise and writing-wise? I’ve actually been thinking a lot…

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