Writing the “BIG MOMENT”: How to Make Sure You Don’t Build Readers Up to Let Them Down

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Today, we continue our ongoing discussion about common plot issues by focusing on how authors sometimes mess up the “big moment” at the end…. the moment when everything culminates in a great showdown, or someone taking a huge risk for great reward.

I can definitely say I’ve had trouble with this, especially in early drafts. And I’ll talk about that…. But in my defense, there is just SO MUCH that needs to be in balance when everything comes together, or blows up in someone’s face near the end of a novel, that I honestly can’t imagine getting it right the first time.

(I’m big on focusing on “as good as possible” where first drafts are concerned. First drafts don’t have to be readable, and they don’t have to be good. They just have to be finished, and fixable. That’s all.)

So, what issues do writers have making the big moment…

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