Rose Wynters Book Review of Murder in Middleton – Book Tour Day Two

Today is the second day of my book tour.  After the initial interview crush, things are getting easier.  Rose Wynters, author and reviewer, is today’s stop on my book tour.  She posted the following review of my book, Murder in Middleton, on Amazon this morning:

The Perfect Paranormal Young Adult Read

Murder in Middleton is the story of Shannon, a fourteen year old that started seeing ghosts at twelve. In 9th grade, she’s at a point in life that is tough for many teenagers, especially one that is able to see dead people. Pretty soon she’s embroiled in an investigation, one that could prove deadly for this teen.

This book is a very interesting mystery that deals with both the paranormal and real world. It can be read by readers of all ages, there are no adult language or situations that would need to be screened! It was very interesting, how realistically the author combined the story of the paranormal with the average high school teenager’s life. I found it to be a very entertaining read, and I think you will too. The plot will keep you guessing as the author draws you in, making you wonder what’s really going on in Shannon’s world, who is behind it, and where will it lead?

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a true mystery, and that’s what this book is! If you love mystery, intrigue, and the paranormal, you will especially enjoy Murder in Middleton.    ~Rose Wynters

Murder in Middleton is available on CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble.


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