How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

How much social networking do you do each day?  Is it less than an hour, more than an hour or even several hours each day?  Do people really want to be that connected to you, or anyone else for that matter?

I’ve read about people who Tweet so often that they even share their toileting habits with their followers.  Of course that is totally over the top, and it would take a self-obsessed individual to Tweet something like that.  There are also the tweeters who make you think they are a real person, and then they flood your feed with ads and self promotion, but nothing personal.  These individuals are probably smarter than some of us – they robo tweet so they can do other things with their lives.

Facebook, of course, is another way to waste time and share things very few of your “friends” actually care about – unless you post a political viewpoint.  Another time waster on FB is playing the oodles of games that can keep you occupied for hours.

I could name the endless other social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and the numerous new apps that are just beginning to gain in popularity, but if you are into social networking, you already know about them.  The gamers aren’t very likely to buy anything you are promoting – they’re more interested in the game pieces and players they can acquire so they can finish those endless app missions.

I submit that anyone who is spending more than an hour social networking isn’t being very productive.  I also believe that unless you are a small or large business, social networking is more likely to waste your time than to help you make sales.

I bet if you were to quit social networking activities cold turkey for a week, you would find that you had more time to do things you enjoy, spend more time with family, and probably be more productive at work.

I’m going to take my own advice and ignore social networking activities for one week starting October 2 and ending on October 9.  I’m going to see how much work I can accomplish without the distractions of Tweeting and posting on various other sites.  I’m going to keep track on how much time I spend on work and then compare it with the time I spend on social networking for one week.

I’m guessing I’ll get more work done, and have less stress as well.


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