A Month Writing in Odd Places

I love writing, which is why I do it for a living.  However, I always imagined myself writing at a huge old desk, covered in pages from my latest book and Post-It notes stuck on every available surface.  What my writing life is really like is not the way I had imagined it.

This month I found myself writing in odd places just so I didn’t fall behind with my three concurrent projects (I’ve decided that they HAVE to be published this year because I have other projects waiting in the wings).  In order to accomplish this I’ve written in the following places:

  • In the hallways of my children’s art and dance studios.
  • In the parking lot of Walgreen’s.
  • On the side streets of Corning, NY while waiting for my children to get out of classes.
  • In my car while it is parked at home – it is often the only place where there are no distractions or cats that want to lie on my keyboard.
  • On the road to Cleveland while my hubby drives.
  • On the road back home from Cleveland, again, while my hubby drives.
  • In a rehab while waiting for my mother to be done with her therapist.
  • In a hospital hallway while waiting for my mother to get out of surgery.
  • On an elliptical machine.

The only place I haven’t written is on horseback, and that is only because a level writing surface isn’t available.  If I rode backwards, I could probably balance my small net book on the horses aft end.  Not likely to ever happen, however.

I’m glad August is over today.  I’m hoping that next month I’ll be writing in more traditional places – perhaps a library for a change of pace or a coffee shop.  I could clear off one of my desks and actually write at it, which would shock my family, and please my cats.  Then again, I’ve grown accustomed to writing in odd places.


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