Dealing with the Indie Haters

Lately I’ve been reading blogs and tweets from fellow writers who have gotten their works raked over the coals unfairly.  Most of them are self-published authors who have summoned the courage to publish despite the ‘gatekeepers’ best efforts to keep them away.  They’ve been told that they are inept, inadequate and in general, not worthy of calling themselves ‘author’.  I beg to differ.

It is easy to be a hater.  All you have to do is believe that your opinion matters, not only to the writer who penned the offending piece, but to the world at large.  Everyone is entitled to your opinion, right?


It takes more effort to create something than it does to tear it down.   Writers spend hours, and sometimes years, creating something that comes from their own imagination.  They create characters, places and things for the pure enjoyment of it.  For many, their very soul is invested in the effort, and they spend much, if not all, of their waking hours jotting down notes, writing page after page, and in some instances, drawing illustrations for their work.  The Indie author also spends endless hours promoting their work, often three or four hours per day just on social networking and blogs.

The hater?  They write a scathing review in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.  Wow.  That must be exhausting!

I believe that most haters just can’t help themselves.  They like seeing their screen name (let’s be honest, do they ever use their real names?) on Amazon or other book review sites.  It is their version of the ’15 Minutes of Fame’.  They can claim the big ‘gotcha’ on a book’s review page.

The power they wield must be heady indeed.

Writers, it is important to remember that the books you pen will be around forever, or at least as long as books survive in one form or another.  Haters, on the other hand, will only be around until their review is archived or the website they’ve posted on goes belly up.  Keep imagining, writing, and uploading those books you’ve written. There’s a world out there waiting to be entertained by you!




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