Write a Book in a Month

Today is the first day I’m free to do whatever I please.  Of course there is a scary element to this because I no longer am working for a large company.   However, no freelancer is safe working for any media company.  We’re like cannon fodder.  If your company isn’t doing as well as you’d hope, fire the freelance writers!  The photographers aren’t even safe – the Chicago Sun Times just let go the entire photography department, which included a Pulitzer Prize winner.  I’m not sure the readers are going to enjoy a publication with no photos.  Stock photos are okay, but they don’t reflect the makeup of a specific locality.  Sigh. Yet another media company going down in flames.

Unfortunately, freelancers can’t sign up for unemployment as we’re not “real employees.”  That being said, join the National Writer’s Union.  Maybe we can do something about this collectively.

Forgive me – I digress.

Since I’m in the progress of writing 4 different books, I’ve decided to try a BIAM group.  I’ve used Victoria Schmidt’s BIAM book for the last 3 novels I’ve written.  I’ve joined her Yahoo Group – VBIAM, to enjoy a little camaraderie with other writers who are in the same boat as I am.  I realize this is just creating a rough draft for a book, but it should be fun all the same.  I generally use outlines, but Victoria encourages writer’s to delve a little deeper in character development, as well as plot outcomes.

If you’re looking for a project, or are perhaps stuck in the one you are currently writing, join VBIAM, or check out some of the many other BIAM clubs out there.  It might help you to get out of a rut.  In my case, I’m hoping it will keep me occupied and optimistic. 😉


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