To My Readers from Disability at

Thank you for following me over from’s Disability channel. Things are rapidly changing at About since it was sold from the New York Times a few months ago. Unfortunately, I was one of the things they wanted to change! I hope they keep the channel, but with finances the way they are, it may disappear altogether.

While I won’t be writing as extensively on disabilities any more, I still write for a living. For the time being I’m going to work on the many books in progress that I’ve neglected. If you enjoy mysteries as well as humorous zombie stories (yep, that is what I enjoy writing!), you’ll have fun hanging around here.

I’m also a chicken farmer, so as you may imagine, there will be some humorous stories appearing here in the near future!

So, welcome to my new readers and feel free to drop by any time and share your own stories.

If you have any disability-related stories or events you would like me to share with my readers on FaceBook or Twitter, please fill out the contact form here:


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