The Telegram’s Days are Numbered

Next month the last telegram will be sent in India. Due to other forms of communication being much quicker, the telegram is no longer needed. So they say.

I like the idea of a telegram. Back in the day the telegram had some integrity. There were no prying eyes just itching to post it on FaceBook or Twitter. A private message was private.

Today, everything we do on the Internet or our cell phones can be hacked or listened to, given the right know-how. Nothing is really private any more, especially in the U.S. with the government stomping all over individual freedoms. The government seems to believe that it has the right to know about everything we see, say, or do – but it would not be so easy with a telegram.

I’d like to see the telegram experience a resurgence in the U.S. I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra to send a message to someone, assuming the individuals typing and delivering the message had integrity. In the meantime, if I have anything I’d like to keep private, I’ll be sending a letter. It is one of the last forms of communication that we have some protection using. While the rules can be bent on listening in on private phone conversations or email on the Internet, getting permission to intercept a letter is much more trickier. At least for now.


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