DRM or Not on Your e-Books?

With the “remove your DRM or perish” directive from one of my ebook publishers, I’m pondering why authors would want to remove DRM from their titles.  From my experience, I’ve fought pirates to retain the rights to my book and I’m not in the mood  to give it away because some simpleton has declared “make your works available to everyone – sharing is caring” and other such nonsense.  Redistribute your own wealth, not mine.  I have bills to pay and children to feed.  Giving away something I’ve slaved over for a year or more makes no sense to me logically or financially.

I was surprised that other new authors who have self-published are eager to give their works away for free and are pleased when their titles end up on a torrent site.  Are they independently wealthy?  Do they like seeing their babies re-posted with another author’s name who has stolen credit for their work?  Why the desperation?

If a new author can only expect to sell an average of 500 books, why give them away for free?

If you’ve removed your DRM and have benefited financially in some way, please share!




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