End of Month Deadlines and Procrastination

So here it is, the end of the month and deadlines are looming large.   I can’t ever seem to settle down and just write, even when I know those deadlines aren’t going to disappear.  I always finish my work by the deadline, but I find myself doing peculiar things to avoid writing.

This weekend I’ve done the following:

1.  Cleaned the bathroom.  I don’t just mean I gave it the old “swish and swipe” either.  I pulled out all of the stops and washed down the walls, the top of the shower rod, the ceiling fan, etc.

2.  Organized my daughter’s stuffed animals.  I have no idea why I did that, but it kept me away from my laptop for quite a long period of time.

3.  Washed and scrubbed a number of buckets in the barn.  Whether they really need to be scrubbed out is debatable.  I don’t think my chickens really care as long as they have fresh water every day.

4.  Cleaned out and organized a closet that isn’t used often.  Maybe I’ll start using it again.  Then again, probably not.

5.  Decided I needed to cook a whole lot of food.  My creations this morning included a sausage and egg casserole and rice pudding.  (Mental note:  get on the treadmill later when I need to procrastinate more.)

6.  Went through a pile of junk mail and actually threw some of it out.

7.  Placed all of the houseplants in the shower to simulate rain.  At least it got the dust off of the leaves.  I think they enjoyed it too.

Now I’m writing this blog in the hopes that some of my readers actually struggle with procrastination too.  If you do, feel free to procrastinate along with me, and perhaps share your creative procrastination tips!

Now, back to the grindstone…


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